LOVE – Make This Moment Count


I'M Having Oh Sooooo Much FUN Re-Imagining, and, therefore, Living The World AS I Am Born For and As ...And All That Good Stuff!Love IS The Golden TicketA Virus Worthy Of Spreading and Sharing Sparing

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Wide Open


Seeing Through Love's EyesWelcome The Unexpected GuestWith Open Arms Open Hearts Open Minds Receiving The Infinite Gifts and BlessingsBeing PresentedThe Results Of Allowing Love's Infinite Generosity To Live Us Are Clear ... upon receiving unexpected

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Infinity and Abundance


Yes, even in the seemingly finite world of form there IS Infinite Abundance. The common denominator in True Lasting Sustainable Success IS Love. If we are cognizant of Love, we live from this place, Wholly

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Family All ARE WE … Boom!


And, then there was none! We ARE All Of The Same Light, the Wholly Holy Sun Shine We each ARE. To give one another the dignity of each our own process seems to be a

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The Happy Soul


The Happy Soul Some would say happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, that it solely depends on what you think. I, For One, find this inaccurate. Going

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The World We Are Forming


The World WE ARE Forming IS like no "other" ... Other than Love ... I Am ... Listening ... Learning the Language of Love, Laughter Fills me as I let go of inhibitions, silly habits

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Unhooking From Distractions


It’s True, All Paths Lead One Home. Some paths lead us in and through more pain than pleasure, but we ultimately ARE Freed from any and all ideas and limitations that have bound us to

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold


The California Gold Rush is the perfect example of the creation of crazy. Crazy fools rushing in trying to find something of value so that their lives will be forever changed and finally make it

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Raison D’etre


My journey has been an unraveling of sorts, an unraveling of all sorts of misinformation and mistaken identities and perceived missed opportunities for freedom along the way. Because I was informed early on, as many

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The Simple Answer


Allowing Life To Unfold In All ITS' Perfection! This, and so much more. For eons, we have been racing to the finish line, pushing and shoving, grasping and grabbing, tethered to competition and greed and

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