Love’s Pure Love


The Truth Of This World That IS Each Of US IS Here Now Always In All Ways. Forgive us Father-Mother-All for we KNOW not what we do nor what We Truly Are - Until We

Love’s Pure Love2021-08-07T08:05:27-07:00

Not For Sale


BeLoved, please don't sell Your Precious Soul to the highest bidder. Truth Be Told, the perceived sale of our souls to those who we turn ourselves over to as outer authorities IS temporary, as Life

Not For Sale2021-05-31T08:13:21-07:00



There is something new on the scene. Not new in the sense that it has just appeared and didn’t exist prior to this moment. It is NEW in the sense that perhaps we have not


Discovery Of Fire


Fire in the belly? Yes. On fire with passion and hope and compassion for the neglected selves; the ones who have been abjectly negated over time. Revisiting the many selves for the Sole Soul Purpose

Discovery Of Fire2021-02-09T12:31:02-08:00

Glory Be To Love


Obedient To None Other Than Love. Yep, Siblings Of Love, Glory Be To The Love We ARE! The Time Has Come To Live The Fullness Of Love We ARE, In These Wholly Holy Bodies, Incarnate

Glory Be To Love2021-01-31T07:55:58-08:00

Winning Strategy Of The Human Race?


Calling All Beings Of Light ... HERE Ye HEAR Ye ... The "race" is over ... over and outdated. The True Hu-Man IS A Being Of Light, The Instructions/Directions/Navigation System/Etc. IS In The Words, BE

Winning Strategy Of The Human Race?2021-01-27T08:57:39-08:00

LOVE – Make This Moment Count


I'M Having Oh Sooooo Much FUN Re-Imagining, and, therefore, Living The World AS I Am Born For and As ...And All That Good Stuff!Love IS The Golden TicketA Virus Worthy Of Spreading and Sharing Sparing

LOVE – Make This Moment Count2020-08-13T08:14:59-07:00

Wide Open


Seeing Through Love's EyesWelcome The Unexpected GuestWith Open Arms Open Hearts Open Minds Receiving The Infinite Gifts and BlessingsBeing PresentedThe Results Of Allowing Love's Infinite Generosity To Live Us Are Clear ... upon receiving unexpected

Wide Open2020-05-05T10:58:52-07:00

Infinity and Abundance


Yes, even in the seemingly finite world of form there IS Infinite Abundance. The common denominator in True Lasting Sustainable Success IS Love. If we are cognizant of Love, we live from this place, Wholly

Infinity and Abundance2020-04-27T09:47:32-07:00

Family All ARE WE … Boom!


And, then there was none! We ARE All Of The Same Light, the Wholly Holy Sun Shine We each ARE. To give one another the dignity of each our own process seems to be a

Family All ARE WE … Boom!2019-11-12T10:29:47-08:00
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