Give In To Love


To Be or Not To Be is no longer a question. The quest has fulfilled Its' Self, I Am. I Am the Being of Light I Committed to Being. I Am the De-Light-Full BEING The

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Service With A Smile


How may I serve mankind? This is the proverbial question on my heart. I am committed to doing what I need to do within myself to live a life of kindness, the kind of life

Service With A Smile2018-05-29T09:35:11-07:00

What Am I Intending?


Intention Is A Key To My Contentment Intention Ultimately Always IS The Actual “Content” of My Contentment ... As Above, So Below. When My Intention, what I Am Truly Intending for This Precious Lifetime, this

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The Sacred Heart


At times we cry out, "Oh where, oh where, has my happiness (fill in the blank) gone? Is it hiding from me once again?!" If this question, or something like it, speaks to you ...

The Sacred Heart2018-05-05T09:08:09-07:00

No Reservations Required!


FAITH ... What does Faith mean to me? Faith means "YES", unequivocally, for It IS a way that leaves no room for doubt, or lack of any kind. Faith means getting out of the way

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Love Trumps Hate


There IS always more than meets the eye, and, in a world that has been used to an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, thank Goodness there IS something beyond retaliation that

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True Love Story


What Are We Buying In To? Piece by Piece … bit by bit … Gathering all neglected shards … of life experiences … shattered and torn … slings and arrows of the past … bullets

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Birthing A New Story


There is always more than meets the eye … As perceptions of old pass away … Truth IS Seen … “Do something Good with Your Life …” Love whispers  Forget everything you were taught …

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Give Me A Word


Give me a word, any word, and I'll show you how to Use IT for Good! Are you kidding me? Any word?! Yep. Destruction.  You are only seemingly struck down if you refuse to USE the experience

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What Remains When All Seems “lost”?


I have heard it said LOVE IS the answer to all my perceived problems. Often times it seems too simple, almost too much to admit, the simplicity of the answer to all my problems being this

What Remains When All Seems “lost”?2018-04-18T16:20:38-07:00