Fire in the belly? Yes. On fire with passion and hope and compassion for the neglected selves; the ones who have been abjectly negated over time. Revisiting the many selves for the Sole Soul Purpose of holding and caressing and addressing the misperceptions of reality that took place in the seemingly vacated place wherein I had taken on the idea that love had abandoned me. Rejected? Abandoned? Left on my own to survive the perilous journey of living. Daunting. Overwhelming. Too much. Too little. Not enough to go ’round. Round and round and round we go, ad nauseam, adding to the nausea of a world gone mad.

What’s mine to do? Mine the burnt discards of scraps lain throughout the comings and goings of a life of distraction. Distracted by the glittery tantalizing promises of wealth, accumulated material possessions possessing me, yet not the Real Me, not the fire that burns at the center of my being calling me forth … “Come dear one … come forth and live the fullness of the love you are … come forth into the Light for you are the Light of The World.”

A Beacon of Glory-Us Goodness On fire with The Awesome Power Of Love. Fear not Precious One(s). Love IS Here and We Each ARE That.