And, then there was none! We ARE All Of The Same Light, the Wholly Holy Sun Shine We each ARE.

To give one another the dignity of each our own process seems to be a process in and of itself. We have been given such precious gifts being born into this incarnate experience we call LIfe, and when we make conscious use of these precious gifts We All Thrive. Not contrived thriving, real thriving wherein the needs of all are met because that IS True Thriving. When a person rises up in consciousness and receives the gifts of this Life, this incarnate physical world reality experience, all they want to do is Give. This isn’t “an eye for an eye” givingness, this is simply pure unadulterated, seemingly underrated, Giving. Pure and simple without any conditions.

The easiest and surest way I have found in my 57 years of living is to continuously do the work, to Give In and Give Up to what I call “Playing With My Self” even when I don’t feel like it! LOL! So many times over the years I have lamented “when does it end … can’t I get a break … is it even worth it … what am I here for … why did I choose to come here … when will I be awake for good and stop falling back into the sleepwalking state of being …. ” and questions, comments, and concerns such as these.

Then, I simply remained Open to Spirit’s guidance, to my Highest Self, to Love, and what I have found is that as I allow all that has been embedded and programmed through “artificial” means, aka old paradigms and belief systems that dropped in without my conscious permission, to come to the light of my consciousness and to do the work to unhook from it all, my subconscious and unconscious and conscious mind are more often than not, All One in SuperConsciousness. The Truth IS, We ARE ALL Super-Natural Beings, and when we do the work to truly KNOW this through Living the Love WE ARE, A Loving Life IS Super Natural to Us, and That IS What we end up Being and Doing and Having. We ARE Lived By The Love We ARE when we allow all that is no longer serving us to fall away, and consciously choose a new way, the way we ARE Born for.

The more we are willing to become familiar with the Love We Already Are, the more familiar WE ARE To One Another, and there IS no “other”. We simply realize, See With New Eyes, that Family ALL ARE WE, and what does True Family do? Embrace one another and welcome everyone to the overflowing table of Abundance. We share the Love we ARE. Love, Giving More To All and less to none, always in All Ways.

Shine On!