To Be or Not To Be is no longer a question. The quest has fulfilled Its’ Self, I Am. I Am the Being of Light I Committed to Being. I Am the De-Light-Full BEING The Great Love I Am.

Tarrying no longer by the banks of the River, I Allowed The Current of Life, the One True Reliable Source that Pays Dividends Beyond Our wildest dreams to Take me, Once and For All. “Live From Here”, whispers the Elixer of Life, “This is the Currency you’ve sought for all time … seek no further … Be Found in The Stream of Infinite Supply, Infinite Goodness … all else is a sham … don’t listen to the naysayers for they know not what they do … they merely wade in and out and around the banks and will be waiting for an elusive savior for all eternity … Immerse Your Self and Be Done with these silly ideas of lack, limitation, competition, greed, and all that unsavory small-minded stuff … Be Undone and Soar … Laughing and Playing and Sharing The Good … Life IS For Giving … Give Fully with no hesitation and The True Currency, The True Prosperity, The Infinite Treasures you have sought Cannot Be Hidden any longer …”

Shine on Brothers and Sisters Each and Every One for the apocalypse has passed and the flood has dissolved as we each Realize, See With Real I’s, We ARE Divine Allness In All Its’ Glory-Us-ness, AND “Oh Sooooo Much More …”

The Riches of the Kingdom ARE Before Us and Life in All Its’ Glory IS For Us, One and All! Give In To LOVE.

Do I get an Amen?! Aaahhh … I AM IN!