Give me a word, any word, and I’ll show you how to Use IT for Good!

Are you kidding me? Any word?!



You are only seemingly struck down if you refuse to USE the experience for your Growth and Upliftment. I can relate to the idea that way too much damage has been caused to even think of being repaired to any sense of normalcy. And, I understand the feeling that all that has come before me, or happened to me, etc., will lead to my ultimate ruination. AND, I still beg to differ!

Destruction may come unexpectedly and it may seem as though the harm caused will impair your value, your usefulness, or your normal function in life, but, if you access the tools we all have been Given, you CAN and WILL RISE above anything that comes your way. It might have been meant for your demise, but in Truth there is only Life Eternal. Allness is here, if, and, when we CHOOSE to make use of IT.

I, too, walk the road of recovery, recovering and discovering and uncovering bits and pieces that have been destroyed in the fires of hell, aka erroneous thoughts, one minute remembering my wholeness, and the next minute lost in amnesia once again. BUT, here I am, ready, willing, and able to LISTEN to what IS wanting to be birthed within me. Perhaps the experience of destruction is simply to wake me up from the idea that I could ever be destroyed. You see, Life IS Eternal, for energy is neither created nor destroyed. Wouldn’t it be FUN (my all-time favorite “F” word!) to wake up together to a Life fully lived, and get on with this PARTY like it’s truly Meant To Be!? YOU, AND ME, AND THE ROYALTY THAT WE ARE!

Oh, and BTW, IT’s never too late, only always right on time! LOL!

Go ahead, try and stump me! Give me a word, any word, and I’ll show you How IT IS Only Always FOR YOU!