Obedient To None Other Than Love. Yep, Siblings Of Love, Glory Be To The Love We ARE!

The Time Has Come To Live The Fullness Of Love We ARE, In These Wholly Holy Bodies, Incarnate On Purpose, Fulfilling Our Destiny. Destined For Greatness One And All. In and Out and All-Around, Through and Through, InFormed By Love. Sourced By Source aka Love. One Big Precious Breath Of Love. Out There? In Here? Same-Same. LOVE.

Walkin’ Talkin’ Prayin’ Sharin’ Carin’ Livin’ Givin’ Bein’ Love, Full-On InFormed Beings Of Love, Shining For One and All.

The Wholly Holy Sanctified … Unified … Verified Truth Be Told Shared Given Away, LOVE. The Dawn IS NOW. NOW HERE, As We Dawn Our Cloaks Of Love, The Dawning of A Truly New Age Filled With Awe and Wonder, where swords and guns, slings and arrows, are no longer of any use … mere relics from days gone by .. bye … bye… “Whatever were these used for?” Purely Innocent Minds Inquire … bombs brutality, winner-takes-all mentality … things of the past. 

The Deepest Truth Has ARisen Once and For All in the Hearts and Minds of the Masses. The Table Prepared By Love IS Set BeFor Us in such A Way that We no longer dream of having our names or deeds known, we no longer yearn to be “the one and only,” causing destruction in our misinformed wake … We no longer ignore the misdeeds or continue overlooking the injustices, for ignorance is not Bliss, ignorance is simply ignorant. Through The Love We ARE, We let OurSelves off the hook of guilt and remorse, AND, Began Living The Big Picture WhereIn All Are Richly and RightFully Blessed.

No longer pointing fingers and living by the old standards of tyrannical tyrants ranting and raving and misbehaving,  enslaving all Who Dare To Stand For Truth, The Inherent Integrity Of All Life … error-thinking-ways have fallen by the wayside and dissolved along with ideologies that exclude and idol worshipping that pits one against the other … Let bygones be bygones … gone gone gone are the daze of old … bye bye bye.

With Clarity and ThanksGiving, The True Gold Standard IS Lived, Only Always For The Well-Being Of All. Cherished. Honored. Respected. Abundantly Lavished With Goodness, One and All. Consciously Choosing Freedom from slavery of any kind; person place or thing, We Place Our Living Trust In The Truest Of True Love We ARE. Thank Goodness IT’S Never too late! We finally ARE Living Up To The Greatness We ARE! Integrity At Our Finest.

The Finest Hour IS Here, BeLoveds, Our Time Of Love. The gnawing yearning longing fears doubts worries, all cease and desist as We GreatFully RealEyes … It’S All Simply Whispers Of The Soul Tryin’ To Get Our Attention …”COME HOME … COME HOME … COME HOME … HERE I AM …. RIGHT HERE … I AM YOU YOU ARE ME WE ARE ONE.” 

And With A Breath Of Fresh Air, We All Snuggled In For The JoyFull PeaceFull Harmonious Dance Of Our Lives. The One Precious and Perfect Life We’ve All Been Given, The One We had been hoping dreaming scheming manipulating waiting for … Right Here Where IT Has Been All Along.

Love’S Got A Hold On Me, and I Am Ever So Grateful. No stones left unturned, BeLoveds. With Every Precious Breath, Freely Given Freely Given, Allow Love to Lead The Way, and the stones of regret resentment hate blame shame name-calling fear-mongering … All roll away … All Dissolve Into The Nothingness.

Yep, Allow Love To Be The SOULUTION, and There IS no problem .. no longer a care In The World … ‘cept The Carin’ Sharin’ Hearts Of Gold, Me ‘N You, Lovers! We Got This. Now Let Go and Surrender To Love, For This … This Love … IS US … United In Spirit.

THE GLOBAL PLANDEMIC Of LOVE IS Ever So Welcoming Affirming Expansive … Hear The Invitation To Vacate the paradigms of old … greed harm and destruction … And Open To The YES! AN ALL-INCLUSIVE BAGGAGE-FREE LUXURIOUS VACATION FOR ALL! 

So Glad WE ARE Here, BeLoveds! Yippee!!!