Yes, even in the seemingly finite world of form there IS Infinite Abundance. The common denominator in True Lasting Sustainable Success IS Love.

If we are cognizant of Love, we live from this place, Wholly Holly and Completely, and in these “finite forms” we call “bodies” we offer only The Love We ARE to one another. And, The Whole Body aka The Cosmos, Allness, Isness, Multi-Verses, et al, LIVE ABUNDANTLY, Dancing the Dance Divine One and All.

Look in and around you; all you have to do is Remain Open, and if you Truly Desire to Know The Truth and No Thing but The Truth, you will Know IT, for Truth doesn’t hide. It IS in Plain Sight, beyond the constructs of the mind and its false programming. Truth needs no program or set of rules, no dogma, rituals, or regurgitation.

A Truly Wealthy Person contributes to the Good of All, laying down the individual life and dedicating every action, every instant, from Overflowing Love. Cleaning, cleansing, clearing the way for Loving Kindness through every action, every thought, every deed. Clean water and air, nourishing food, warm beds to rest our precious bodies, loving arms to hold one another, sustainably beauty-filled inner and outer environments for All Lives. Truly Educated Ones Live Love for they have released the burden of carrying lies upon their shoulders and have given In To The Love That Beckons. All For One, and One For All. True Educators ARE Educated From Within and assist others in Knowing Source, The True Author Of Greatness.

Infinity and Abundance exist in these perceived finite forms, and when Known As The Love We ARE, create only The Perfection Of Love. What Is Real? What Is True? Tune into Your Heart, for IT Knows The Way, The Truth, and The Eternal Life Of Love, for IT IS Love, As YOU ARE, AS WE ARE.

Blessings Abound <3 Bon Appetit Tout le Monde!