I’M Having Oh Sooooo Much FUN Re-Imagining, and, therefore, Living The World AS I Am Born For and As …
And All That Good Stuff!
Love IS The Golden Ticket
A Virus Worthy Of Spreading and Sharing
Sparing No One and No Thing

Allowing Love To Live Us
Replicating Inside The Living Cells
WE Each ARE In These Physical Forms

so what if we were born and then forgot
so what if we fought in a war that could never be ‘one/won’

thinking thoughts … hidden or not 
trying to be invisible
so the perceived monsters in our head
or in or under the bed
seemingly taking without consent
the content of our precious hearts and souls
so what? we did what any programmed survival of the fittest did

hid … or at least tried to hide from the outer that resonated not
with the Life of The Inner Heart
understandably so … or so we thought
until We Knew …

Okay … okay … I hear you …
I’ll Speak For MySelf
Knowing Full-Well
I Am You You Are Me … et al

Now that I Realize FOR My Precious Self
The Truth, The Whole Truth, and No Thing but The Truth
The Love I Am
And, Therefore, Live
I’M Free To Be ME
And Easily and Effortlessly
Allow You To Be You

In my experience Love seemed lost for so long but
As Truth would Have IT
Was Here ALL Along

I searched in, around, and under
every rock
every stone
every corner of the globe

Lo and Behold
I WAS Holding The Golden Ticket All Along
Right Here WithIn Me
AND, I Began To See
That without the fake news false idols limiting beliefs and other such nonsense,
I And The World Are One


Now, Beyond a shadow of a doubt … doubts no longer have a hold on me … no longer scaring me into submission … just part of the process of Coming To My Senses
My Sense That Love IS Who and What I Am
Now, In Love’s Most Perfect Timing
I Choose To Live My True Mission
The Second Coming
after the long and sometimes arduous
not gonna lie …
journey of a thousands deaths

The Pure Unwavering Innocence I Am
Lives Me
And I Am Committed To Making Every Moment Count
For We ARE One …
Won Over By Love

I’ve Surrendered
For no thing compares to
Eternal Life Of Love OverFlowing …
no borders or boundaries … laws or locks …
boxes no longer contain ME
they never did anyway …
that’s why my physical body hurt most of my life
and depression seemed to suck the life out of me
Can you relate?

no regrets no resentments no blame no shame
no more games where some win and some lose

The Sum Total Of My Life
Up Till Now
Has Led ME To This
Perfectly Perfect Instant

I Am Here
And I Am Proud To Serve
Heaping Helpings Of LOVE

Living Oneness Verifiably Eternal For ALL
Requiring No Thing
The Ulti-Mate Sustainable
Partner In Truth

Yippee! Make This Moment Count!

Win-Win For Every One
‘Round The Globe And Beyond!