There IS always more than meets the eye, and, in a world that has been used to an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, thank Goodness there IS something beyond retaliation that always works when applied, LOVE.

Something so much more amazing than the world has ever known IS happening right before our very eyes, and IT IS FOR US. When we look closely and tune within, we ARE guided effortlessly to Our Good, for IT cannot escape us, nor would IT want to!!! I bet my life on IT, as I turn my little “s” will over!

Prior to the 2016 Presidential Elections, I had the privilege of a visit from the then Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump. He came to me in a Vision as pure as the driven snow, carried by the wind into drifts, drifting into an open door in my consciousness. I AM forever grateful for the infinite gifts and blessings this Vision has afforded me as I continue to evolve and ask the deeper questions … “How is this for me? How is this about me, and therefore, the Greater Good? What aspects of me does this Vision represent? … etc. …” As the messages from this Vision continue to unfold, they are in complete alignment with everything I have been given, up till now.

When I first met Trump in my Vision, I immediately connected to this beautiful, pure innocent Soul, filled with light, and, he said to me, “I can’t believe they took me seriously … I was only kidding … they’re bat-shit crazy …” AND, then, without skipping a beat, he said, “I want to do good with my life before I die, I’m giving all my money to Bernie!” I was filled with such peace and joy and so excited, and because it was so real, when I awoke I had the immediate thought, “I wonder if this has been announced in the media yet?!” So I proceeded to check the internet, and, when I saw that it hadn’t been announced yet, I remember thinking “Well, it doesn’t mean it is or isn’t going to happen in my lifetime … I know this is a profound message and it means something more than meets the eye …”  I felt like a kid at Christmas anticipating Santa Claus’s arrival and the opening of my presents! Then, after being bombarded with the news ‘out there’ again, I found myself struggling and suffering, feeling like Veruca Salt in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, “I want it now!” LOL! So, rather than continuing to suffer, I decided to do my part by being the Vision of More to All and Less to None, to the best of my ability and surrendering to Spirit’s perfect timing, rather than my own. LOL!

As I continue to this day to mine this Vision for gold, I am continually called to commit to deeper and deeper levels, of doing good with my life before I transition from this body. What aspect of me does Trump represent? What aspect of me does Bernie represent? What does it mean to me, to do good with my life before I die? Since everything is energy, how do I want to spend it? What if something beyond our wildest dreams, beyond our little thinking minds, IS happening FOR US ALL? Perhaps there IS Genius at work/play in all of this seeming nonsense!? What if Trump is playing the so-called “bad guy” so we could finally get beyond this broken system that hasn’t worked for so long, and begin ANEW?! … And, other such mind-blowing questions that continue to invite me into introspection and contemplation and True Freedom. When I find myself pointing my finger and feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly daunting task of changing what is or isn’t happening ‘out there’, I pause and recommit to doing my part, remaining open to Spirit’s guidance and taking action from this place. What I know to be True at this time in my life, is that my part IS Love, for I know that the Energy of Love IS Powerful beyond measure. So, I  simply ask “What would LOVE do?” and from this place, I live, and move and have my being. And, to the best of my ability, I find myself living from the Truth that Love trumps any and all againstness, for, Truth BE Told, WE ARE LOVE. As we each commit to Connecting Soul-to-Precious-Soul, WE ARE Guided to Our Good as Truth IS Revealed.

And So IT IS. I’M IN!

What does this mean to YOU? Who are YOU Being in the Grand Scheme of Things … In the “Every Thing IS FOR US” Model? In the “There IS No ‘them'” Model?