The Truth Of This World That IS Each Of US IS Here Now Always In All Ways.

Forgive us Father-Mother-All for we KNOW not what we do nor what We Truly Are – Until We Do.

It is as if Our Divine Eyes have been closed to the Magnificent Being We Each Are. It is as if Our Brains have been washed and left out to dry in a parched desert … abandoned and forsaken … programmed purposely to forget, and, therefore, fight for our lives at all costs. At the cost of lives left and right so easily shutting out and shutting off any and every Natural Instinct of the Organic Inherent Inclination to Assist One Another IN Love.  AND, The Truth IS, The Isness WE ARE, Can Never Be harmed. Ever. 

The crimes to humanity that have been perpetrated in the name of service to our well-being are completely false, 100% corrupt, and misleading. There are many false red flags flying right out in the open, not even trying to hide. If One simply Takes A Moment To Pause and Listen To Spirit, One Will Hear, AND, ThereFore, BE ReSet. Effortlessly Obey The Divine Guidance. Yes, it is understandable that one might hesitate for fear of rejection or retribution or retaliation by the masses, for I have been there. This fear of isolation and rejection runs deep, yet, Love Promises US, it is all an illusion, For We Can Never BE Separate. One-By-One-By-One We Awaken and The New Mass Consciousness Of Love Cannot Help But Create A World Of Magnificence. For THIS, WE ARE Born!


On Golden Pond

The Truth IS literally Right Here BeFor US … Right Under Our Noses … The Very Breath We Breathe. The Breath Of Allness. In and Out. Yet, the mechanical artificially induced sleep-walking has been planned and engineered so seemingly thorough from the beginning, right out of the womb, that some cannot even fathom the Idea that something IS very wrong with this picture that has been forced down our throats, this very false and misleading narrative. Pay Attention. Ask The Important Questions, for The Knocking On Your Heart IS Vying For Your Attention and never gives up.  “Come Home … Come Home … Love Does No Harm … Ever.”  Listen. Listen. Listen.

The Good News IS, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! We Can Turn, YES, BeLoveds, even this, Around. All it takes is One Precious Moment, and In An Instant YOU, Too, Can Be TransFormed, And, Only Always, Do The Right Thing. We Can Turn the corner AND Awaken in This Very Instant. See and Be The Truth Of Existence, And, Move On in The Direct Connection Of The Love WE ARE.

No questions asked. No shame or blame or punishment is needed. Simply Pure Aaahhh InSpiring Loving Acceptance.

Love IS Here.

“You’Re HOme …” Love WellComes …”And, That’S All That Matters.”

Let Us Begin AGain In The Loving OverFlowing Wealth Of Love’s Wisdom. Pure Harmony. The Highest Frequency. Held In The Reverberation Of Pure Connection Where ALL ARE Welcomed Affirmed Confirmed and Cherished. Lavished With Abundance Always In All Ways For All-Time Sake, Forsaking No One. Ever. Only Always Love Here and Now.