What does Faith mean to me?

Faith means “YES”, unequivocally, for It IS a way that leaves no room for doubt, or lack of any kind. Faith means getting out of the way so the Divine Idea IS expressed without reservations. In Faith, there are no reservations required for Its a “Free-For-All” kind of Idea, the kind where everyone is welcomed and loved and adored and cherished, and no one is left with misgivings.

Giving into Faith means being my best Self because everyone else is taken, and I am perfectly perfect as I Am.

Giving into Faith means being Living Proof of Living Truth in all areas of my life because it IS my birthright to Be Free and Joyous and Happy. Faith IS the Expressway without reservations, and no toll booth either, BTW! So keep the change! Changin’ one precious thought at a time! LOL!