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My appreciation for Rev Grace happened when I listened to this inspired woman/minister/community leader speaking from her platform at Unity of Chattanooga. I returned each week …and to this day I have come to expect that I will be up lifted, leaving through her entry doors “better then when I came”. It became obvious that her own life experience with acting from love, her own ongoing journey as a seeker of truth, and her depth of compassionate honesty flowed directly through her own heart before she offered it as a beam of Light to her congregation. In New Thought, she would be heralded as one that “Walks the Talk”. Wow-some in a world undergoing dynamic Change. When acting as my spiritual counselor I knew her heart felt sincerity for my well being, and my being well, and felt the fire of her absolute love, compassion, faith and hope in humanity…all the while honoring my humanness. I am deeply grateful that the Light of Rev Christine Grace burns so brightly, and has touched my life!

Carla, Chattanooga, TN

Unity Minister Christine Grace exemplifies the universal spiritual truths in her day-to-day life.  Her wonderful spiritual gift of speaking captures peoples attention and inspires them to embrace Unity’s principles.  Her “Divinely” inspired messages have helped me and many others change their way of thinking and acting for the better; better relationships with family, friends. neighbors, co-workers, and even all strangers.  Her instruction on the practical ways of using Unity’s principles has helped me and I’m sure others to finally find TRUE love (genuine caring about others), peace (much less stress), and joy (contentedness with self/others and more humor) in my life.  I am so grateful that Christine has come into my life and the life of others.  I’m sure her Divinely led spirit will always be and remain wherever she goes!!

Jim, Chattanooga, TN

Christine’s smile radiates the love she has for all people. Her inspirational messages and sharing of resources have been a blessing to my personal growth and the strength of my marriage. Christine  truly lives every word she speaks. Whether speaking to a Unity group or one of the many community groups Christine is involved with, her message is always positive, believable, and leaves listeners with hope.

Barbara, Unity member, Chattanooga, TN

Christine is a gifted and insightful counselor. She emanates love, hope and grace.  She has been my guide on the journey through divorce – one of the most difficult changes I’ve ever made.  When I speak with her I find clarity in life and learn new lessons from my experiences. Through our exploration together, I have found my strength and voice.  I developed the courage to face my life challenges and see them as blessings. She has a gift to help others be who they truly are. In applying what I have learned, I am a blessing to my children and others.  I am thankful she entered my life!


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