The Happy Soul

Some would say happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, that it solely depends on what you think. I, For One, find this inaccurate. Going Within For Accuracy, True Happiness is beyond thought. Thoughts come and go in the ebb and flow of the mind that attaches itself to ideas and preferences and definitions, etc. Happiness IS In The Fullness Of The Emptiness, not the emptiness of the false fullness, although if one is committed to doing the inner work, one arrives once again at the beginning, Happy For No Reason. I chose to lose everything, to give it all away, to possess and be possessed by no thing, to Gain the True Riches of the Kind-Dome that cannot be lost.

In Truth, the Infinite Allness, the unbound, out of bound, undiluted, undisputed, beauty-filled vast spaciousness holds within It the Allness we seek and “think” we find in materiality, possessiveness, competition, greed, and other such nonsense. As we travel beyond thought where Allness exists without a price tag, in the non-existent nothingness unattached, non-separated, undifferentiated magnified essence, we each ARE, the All and No Thing, We ARE Freed once more in all our innocence to begin again as We Truly ARE, simply Happy For No Reason.

The Key IS within the story and beyond the story at the center before during and after! The answers are within the questions. The solutions are in the problems. IT, Being Love, IS Always Here, Happy Joyful And Free For No Reason.

Be committed to the only constant there IS, the River of Peace Love and Joy ever-flowing and calling US Home. Just as the water molecules link up and create magnificent crystalline structures, perfect, complete works of art, as they are sung to and lavished with abundance of Love, we too, create Splendi-For-Us works of art as we link hearts and minds, melding into and through the ever-present Love and Grace availing It-Self for It Is Always Giving It-Self … That IS All It IS, and therefore, Does, Giver Of Life that Love IS. Beyond words, beyond form, beyond reason, there IS a place …

Let Us Be Here Now, Happy For No Reason.

True Story.