At times we cry out, “Oh where, oh where, has my happiness (fill in the blank) gone? Is it hiding from me once again?!”

If this question, or something like it, speaks to you … Look no further than your Sacred Heart, and fall into the arms of Love, for in this Wholly Holy space, what you seek no longer eludes you.

When I feel disconnected from any quality I desire, it isn’t that anything has gone away or disappeared, it is that I have strayed from the Sacredness of the Moment. Touching Stillness Realigns me in Allness, the Truth of Who and What I Am.

Take a Conscious Breath on that … Aaahhh … Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness … Only a breath away … Breathing in and out, gently brings me to Center, quieting the meddlesome mind, I begin to see and feel and live … Fully Aware of my Sacred Heart, the Way that has been here all along.

Now, the Quest becomes “Oh where, oh where shall I share my Precious Gifts!?”

“Why, Every Where, Silly!” replies Allness. LOL!