Allowing Life To Unfold In All ITS’ Perfection!

This, and so much more.

For eons, we have been racing to the finish line, pushing and shoving, grasping and grabbing, tethered to competition and greed and the goal of getting to the top of the illusive pyramid. We are burning ourselves out with the illusion of grandeur somewhere “out there”. We are at risk of finishing ourselves off and missing out on the True Celebration, Life in All Its’ Glory. We are literally burning our cells out with all of the outer seeking and searching and looking for cures to lost causes with more of the “same ole same ole”. We are The Cause, the Alpha and the Omega, the Atoms, and the Dawning of a New Eve. We have been misled and misguided, but it IS never too late.

Yes, we have been told lies to fill the gaps of the unknown because we have been living from fear rather than Love, but the gaps in the seeming unknown can be Known when we turn to Source Within, to the True Savior, The One Who Knows, The Touchstone of Truth, The Elixir of Life, The Alchemical Process turning base thoughts, and feelings and beliefs into Gold, into Beauty and Joy and Peace and Harmony … All of this and so much more, IS Here for the Living … Right Inside Us. When we Consciously Choose to use the moment-by-moment Transformations taking place in our lives, we live in a Transformed World, for they are One and The Same. To remain divided, living from the perceived separation from Self, we go forth conflicted, confused, disgruntled, and dismayed, sad and alone. Taking charge of our Beingness by Being Living Truth, brings Powerful Super Human Change to the world of form, the world we are forming with every breath, and we end up Living as All-One. So let IT Be Good, let IT Be God, aka _______________ (fill in the blank with whatever Name you have for Allness), Me and You, The True Royalty, The Whole Shebang!

Inner and Outer = Same-Same

Mind the Kingdom Within and Be Free, Living a Kind Life, the kind of life you would want for All. Mind the Kingdom Within and Be Free of the chains that have bound you to despair and destruction, and dismantle the mantle that has been built through slavery, all of us slaving away for a misguided dream. Let’s get Real and Share Our Emancipation through the Living Word where worlds collide and here and there, I Am, Unarmed, Open, Receptive, A Joyful Being, Being the Sacred Vessel of Love, Grateful for the Opportunity to Be of Service for All Eternity.

The How’s, Why’s, What’s, Where’s, and When’s have already been answered so we need not wait any longer …

  • HOW? – Honoring the Heart Opens a Way. The Way IS through the Heart and from this place we use the tools we have been Given, such as the Mind, and our Bodies, and so on.
  • WHY? – Because “I” said so. The True Rock Star “I”, our most Beauty-Filled Selves, says so, SO IT IS. We ARE the cause of Life Being the way It seems to be, and we can have LIFE Be Good through our Being. We can allow Life to do ITS’ Thing, “Giving More Life to All and Less to None” when we get out of The Way and stop being less than Life Its’ Self.
  • WHAT? – LOVE. What else IS there? Nothing else, only always LOVE Being LOVE. As above, so below. As within, so without. And on and on and on.
  • WHERE? – HERE. We ARE Here for Goodness Sakes! Wherever WE Are, Here We Are … So Be Here, and Enjoy The View.
  • The one question still being asked is, “When?”, and The Answer IS, NOW! The race is over when We Choose Love Now, which Causes All that has been and All that IS and All that will ever Be, to BE LOVE, AND, Every One Wins. Loving NOW equates to Winning For All.


Love, Being Love

And, It Will Be the Same Answer tomorrow and the next day and the next day, and again next year and the year after, for Now, IS all We Truly Have, and there IS no thing to hold onto. The Simple Answer IS Be Love Here and Now. Be the Best Self Ever and Have Fun Being YOU and Experience Heaven, Nirvana, Bliss, aka YOU, The Real YOU, NOW.