I have heard it said LOVE IS the answer to all my perceived problems. Often times it seems too simple, almost too much to admit, the simplicity of the answer to all my problems being this four-letter word, LOVE, when we have suffered so. Ahhhh …. Yes, it IS True though … The simple, and seemingly complicated answer IS, LOVE. And, in times when all feels lost, when the pain is too much, when we want to give up and say “no more … I cannot bear another moment of this pain, this loss, this dis-ease …” something, some thing, be it an idea, a feeling, a moment of illumination, a light being shed on this suffering; something calls to us, and we fall to our knees, crumbling from the weight of the burden of againstness, and, LOVE in Its Infinite Wisdom holds us. At times we aren’t even aware of Love as it ever so gently Awakens us …. whispering softly … “Here I Am … I’M here no matter what … I’M here even when you know not of me … Listen … Allow Me to Live you precious one … There IS nothing to hold onto …. Allow Me to hold you … The Only Thing to Be Against, IS Your Heart Against Mine.”

A World of Form so Grand and Glory-Us, a World that some have only dreamed of, IS here awaiting us. As we Trust and Allow the Dream to Be Lived, to Learn the Way of Allness, there is only always an Overflowing Platter of Goodness For ALL. You see, we have been duped, we have been mistaking the “way it is” for “The Way IT IS”, but it isn’t so. The Way IT IS, Is Only Always Goodness For ALL, and For All a Good day and night to Be Lived in Joy and Happiness. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Saying “nay” to all that IS, is for naught, and we will continue in the vein of “not enoughness” when following that worn out path.

There ARE Many who have come before us, and continue to BE FOR US. If Our Minds and Hearts are Open, We Know “The Way” in and through the feeling of being lost, and we ARE once again Found. We are found out because LOVE is all around us. We simply cannot escape IT! TRUTH is always Available to us, and For US, and IT comes in Infinite Forms. IT has been Spoken and Written, and Shared in Sooooo Many Ways … As Scripture in a Book such as The Bible or The Big Book, or a Novel, or billboards, or song lyrics, or conversations overheard in the grocery store, or in dreams or vision quests, etc.  We can run but we cannot hide forever. John 8:12 invites us into More Life, “I Am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life …”, and when we apply the Wisdom that Lives Always In All Ways, and Choose To Use IT For Our Good, WE ARE Saved from our little “s” selves. Here within these simple words, A Guiding Light assists US on OUR Way In and Through any perceived darkness and Into The Goodness For All. This is a simple reminder that we are always given instructions, and when we Give over to Truth, the Directions are Clear for the journey to Know, and therefore, LIVE only always Holy Sacred Wholeness.

If we find ourselves in the midst of a struggle, a conflict, the overbearing depth of “notness … not this again, not that again, etc.,” LOVE remains The Answer. When questions arise, such as, How can I love a bit more in this moment when all seems for naught? How can I believe a world so grand and glory-us is even possible? Look within the belief you are holding in this instant, AND, be willing to ask if there is a “lie” that remains, keeping you from the Love that IS always availing itself, for when the lies are uncovered the answer IS Clear. LOVE In Its Infinite Forms, IS here, ready, willing, and able to Be The Way, The Truth, and The Life For One and All.

LOVE says, “If YOU only KNEW How Beautiful YOU Truly Are, YOU wouldn’t shy away from YOUR Inherent Goodness and Greatness, and All That Glory-Usness!” AND, if and when we are in fear,  doubt, worry, or any and all that lack-luster dividedness, simply Breathe and Allow Allness to Live Us AND A Way IS Revealed. This, AND, Sooooo Much More!