Seeing Through Love’s Eyes
Welcome The Unexpected Guest
With Open Arms Open Hearts Open Minds
Receiving The Infinite Gifts and Blessings
Being Presented

The Results Of Allowing Love’s Infinite Generosity
To Live Us Are Clear …

upon receiving unexpected news,
the kind that in the past
could’ve or would’ve broken me
into a gazillion seemingly shattered pieces
scattering fear far and wide
or plummeted me into the abyss of despair
needing to find some illusion of temporary solace
in againstness of any kind …
my rogue mind reeling in the mindless chatter
“love’s gone missing”
“there’s no end in sight”
desperately searching for some thing …
any thing to cling to in denial
Of Love’s Presence

Now From The Practice Of Choosing Love
No Matter What …
Wave Particle Visible Invisible …
Truth Of Every Wholly Holy Instant
I Express Gratitude In its stead …
where once stood armies of againstness
and conflict at any price …
Now Stands Be For Me
An Open Heart Ready For Love
Allowing Accepting Immersing MySelf
In The Immensity Of Love’s Gifts Here and Now

“Could it be that this, too, IS FOR me? That this, too, IS the perfect example of Love’s Generosity?”
“Could it be that beyond doubt, this, too, IS pointing me in the direction of even more Love?”

Listening to the Sublime Spaciousness
The Fullness Of Love
In and Through It All
The Direct Connection …
I Offer Love To All
Blessing and Releasing …

“Open Open Open, Yes, Precious One, This, too, IS Good. Amidst any and all confusion, Live FaithFully, and See What IS In Store FOR YOU!”

Blessings Upon Blessings Pouring Forth
Well, Come On In, Guest Of Honor, LOVE …

Delivering Me To My Greatest Gifts … Delivering My Greatest Gifts To Me

In Gratitude for Images by Mario Duguay.