Calling All Beings Of Light … HERE Ye HEAR Ye … The “race” is over … over and outdated. The True Hu-Man IS A Being Of Light, The Instructions/Directions/Navigation System/Etc. IS In The Words, BE THE LIGHT WE ARE … Make no mistake About IT For There Are No Mistakes … There Is no “us and them”. The proverbial “race” is over, Y’All … elections contests so-called social dilemmas, illusions, each and every one … lies deception corruption corporations thinking they are the end-all be-all authoritarian rulers of rules … a collection of so-called successful individuals that are misguided, misled, under-nourished under-fed, body-mind-and-spirit tryin’ to tell some one what’s up … When What’S Really Up IS Love. AND IT’S NEVER “over” Till We’RE All At The Finish-Line Together … AND THEN WE’RE JUST BEGINNING … The Real Lives Of LOVE. To Be The Love I Am, I don’t need agreement with any one. Simply Be IT.

The One Who Knows, LIVES Fully and Completely, LOVE/LIGHT/PEACE/JOY/ET.AL, ThereFor, Lives To Give Abundantly To All As The Living Giving Life That IS.

I don’t dispense advice medicine or any thing uninvited. I Simply Share The Good BeCause IT Isn’t mine. No Thing IS mine to possess; to have and to hold … all part of the old deal. Shakin’ hands with the devil, livin’ evil ways tryin’ to get to the illusory “top of the pyramid” and “be the winner-take-all”. Boom! End of the line … the lies …

We Are ALL That, LOVE, And Then Some. Umask YourSelf. Be Undone By Love and Let IT All Hang Out For All To See, So(w) A Way IS Clear. Be Inoculated By The Breath Of Fresh Air and Be The Living Loving Heir To The Majestic Life, The One and Only Perfectly Precious Life Given To All FOR All. BeCome Familiar With The Love YOU ARE, AND Common Sense Leads One To Be Used By LOVE, For The Good Of All. Continue Evolving Till No One Is “left out” Of  The Partay!!! BeCause In Truth aka Love, No One Can Be Left Out!

Yay! Love Can Never Be outdone. IT’S AllWays The In Thing! No longer having to part ways or choose between one or the other. There’s Only One, Siblings Of Love, Sourced From The Same-Ole-Same-Ole Greatness OF Love. Don’t pimp your life out to the highest bidder, gambling all your good away for some error thinking that you’re not good enough or strong enough or brave enough, filling your Precious Cells with bitterness shame blame [fill in the blank]. Enough Is Enough. And You, BeLoved, ARE.

And, BeCause You ARE Perfect and Precious, make no mistake, Your Neighbor IS Too. Where Two or More Are Gathered In The Name Of Love, Boom! The Ripples Go Out and Out and Out, In and Out … No holdin’ back … Natural Law Is Never undone, outdated, under or overrated! It Simple Is. As I Am You Are We Are One.

The Winning Strategy? LOVE. Shine On

The Status Quo – Same-Ole-Same-Ole Tried and True
Existing State Of LOVE

Love, Being Love. What Say You?